Friday, March 28, 2008

Trusting Yourself

Dear Friends,

It is important to trust yourself. Many people seek far and wide for years for the "truth". If you experience, see, hear or feel something then it is YOUR truth.

As important it is to trust yourself, it is also important as a person, healer, teacher, preist, or spiritual guide not to tell someone something that will cause them hurt or disturb them psychologically. If you say or do something to someone that causes them pain, you too will have to experience that pain.

Psychic and Healers Support Center Services

Dear All,

This group is designed to provide help via Internet, Email, Phone, in Person, and Psychic help, support, and community to people primarily in NYC and in the United States. However, we can refer you to people in other parts of the world if needed.

Sometimes we find ourselfves in a position where we are sensitive or "aware" of things most people today are not and do not have anyone to discuss it with or seek guidance. Or it could be that you try to help others, but find that sometimes it may be out of your scope. Maybe sometimes as much as you help others you need someone to help you and it seems that position is always vacant!

If you don't have a problem but just want to talk, share or get tips on how to enhance or understand, your gifts thats fine too.

If I am not sure about something I'll say: "I'm not sure"!